You could try to look at the tutorial on They created a login
system using text files. Its not exactly 
as you want but it gives you an idea about how to handle things :) 

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prabuddha ray
Sent: donderdag 31 maart 2005 9:50
Subject: [Zope] Re: login page problem

thnx dieter n chris,
                        i cudnt make my point clear.
1st a recap : i've a zpt login page wherein i have got the district
name n coressponding users drop down list built.
now after selecting d district n username d passwd is to b filled.
then d form is to b submitted. 
It has to be done thid way only so i cant hav cookie crumblers n
simpleuserfolder componenets.

now my problem how n where do i check d pwd n redirect to the next zpt
or the previous one if its wrong.
i've a zsql method giving me the pwd for the user param passed.
i wanted to kno if i can call this method on d onsubmit event?
kindly gimme solns u've in mind.

On Wed, 30 Mar 2005 20:01:24 +0200, Dieter Maurer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> prabuddha ray wrote at 2005-3-29 01:57 -0800:
> >I'm creatin a customised login page template using districtname, user
> >name and password.
> >i got halt in d logic for password checking. 
> >after submitting d login form how do i call d same page if the passwd
> >is wrong along with d req params passed? do i need an ext python
> >script for this redirection.
> No, you can do it where you checked the password.
> >also tell how to set session data in ZPTs from the form fields?
>       <tal:XXXX define="dummy python:request.SESSION.set(mySessionVar,
> request.someRequestVar)" />
> -- 
> Dieter

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