Hello all,
I've moved a zope 2.5.1 (python 2.1.3) installation to two newer
locations (zope 2.7.4/python 2.3.4 and zope 2.7.5/python 2.3.5) and
scripts I have that iterate over zcatalog results using 'for' loops
now fail with "global name '_getiter_' is not defined." I'm also
unable to take the zcatalog result and manipulate it (split or
concatenate instances sent to a list) without getting a "Record
objects do not support [whatever action]"--even if I've asigned the
result to another list and am operating on that list. ie--I used to be
able to say:
for row in result:
                res.append(row.id.split().pop(), row)
but now can't, and can't even iterate over the list using a while
loop, as the split will fail.

I've found some reference to the _getiter_ problem on the forum, but
the queries date from nearly a year ago, and there were no fixes at
the time (save to wait for 7.4 to come out of beta). Is anyone else
experiencing this? Is there a workaround? What am I missing?

thanks for any help/advice
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