for lennart n anrdeas,
 sir, i had built this page in asp earlier n now need to create a zpt ver.
d javascript function used for submit is below:

function sub_click(){
        document.nlogin.login.value='y' // 'login' is flag for valid login n
not bein used in zpt till now.
        document.nlogin.action='c_nlogged' // 'c_nlooged' the python script
meant to handle the pwd validation n redirection to next page or bact
to the current page.

<input title="Click to Go" name="subm" type="submit" value="Go"
style="color:blue" onsubmit="sub_click()">

below is python script c_nlogged:

request = container.REQUEST
RESP =  request.RESPONSE

passwd = request.password1
user = request.username,

if container.chkpwd(uname=user,pwd=passwd): //getting sysntax error here.

below is zsql method chkpwd :

select distinct(password) from c_userdet where 
username=<dtml-sqlvar uname type="string">
password=<dtml-sqlvar pwd type="string">

i wanted to avoid d middle python script n handle the pwd validation
in the same zpt .
is it possible.
i have carry req vars eg. username pwd ,districtname in session for future use.

plz giv soln .

On Tue, 29 Mar 2005 19:07:00 +0200, Andreas Pakulat <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On 29.Mär 2005 - 05:39:42, prabuddha  ray wrote:
> > Danke Jürgen,
> >        one tip i'm lookin for is how to cal pyhton scripts on any form
> event, 
> > ie. like we call javascripts on the onclick or onsubmit or onchange
> events?
> >   thanks again.
> You can't. Python and JavaScript are completely different things.
> JavaScript runs on the client side, whereas Python runs on the server.
> However, you probably can use your JavaScript to call a python Script,
> but I wouldn't suspect that it works the same as with JavaScript
> alone. Python Scripts are executed when you send them a Request or by
> calling them from within another python script (or TAL or DTML
> statement)
> Andreas
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