Enrique Arizón wrote:
I'm trying to do a micro-Zope that basically store
documents (PDFs scanned files) with some custom-made
attributes (¿Who stores the document?, ¿where is the
original -physical paper- stored?, ¿who is in charge
of maintenance?, ¿token words?, ...) so that final
users are able to search for stored docs based on
those properties (ideally using regex approach, not
exact matches). The idea is that users insert the
scanned pdfs through a normal html form that forces
them to input the additional data -properties- and
reject the input if required fields are empty. Since
I'm complety new to Zope and I see there are too many
ways to approach the problem I wonder what's the
easiest way to make it.

I don't know if it's the "easiest" way, but this needs a specific Product developpement IMHO. Subclassing (or wrapping + delegating to) OFS.File shoud do it. As for searches, I'd first try to use Catalogs before trying ti reinvent the wheel. Also prefer ZPT for your form and delegate validation to a Python script (DTML is kind of messy IMHO)

If you have no experience with Products developpement, I found these pages to be quite helpful :

caution : there are a few small errors in the code - I promised the author to send him a correction, but did not found time to do so :(

Thanks in advance for any help, hint or link!!

Bruno Desthuilliers
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