To me it depends on how much time ZClasses are going to last.  If  ZClasses
will stay for the next two years, then it's fine for us, as we probably will
persuade ourselves to rewrite all of our stuff  in ZopeX3, and not in

Jim, bear in mind that people that will agree to its deprecation is people
that in one way or another aren't using them or stopped using them, for
whatever valid reason they had ever found. Ask to the people who actually
doesn't have any problem with them. Take this as an example:

As of us, we are happily using them for a large project on dynamic packaging
for travel operators and travel agencies, a complex application featuring
dynamic pricing and the content management of  rich-media personalized
itineraries. I chose ZClasses as it offered us a mean of working
interactively with our partner, without the constraints of having to have a
detailed road map to start with.( Dynamic pakaging in the travel industry is
still a moving target ). ZClasses offered us a way to put test features up
and running quickly, just to find out they would make any sense or not.

Whether there already is a tool like that in ZopeLand, I would agree to its
deprecation, but actually there's nothing like it. Certainly ZClasses is not
what it promised to be, but what it does do, it does it brilliantly, IMNSHO.


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> My vote is to keep them around for 2.8 and 2.9 but say goodbye after that.
> Again.. it won't be easy for us, but who said progress ever was.
> Jake
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> Jim Fulton said:
> > Jake wrote:
> >> As someone who has at least 5 different products using ZClasses across
> >> 10
> >> different websites with millions of hits a month, I am certainly not
> >> happy
> >> to see them go, but I do understand that their time has come.
> >>
> >> If they are supported in 2.8 -> 2.9 and gone in 3.0 I guess that is ok.
> >
> > If we deprecated them now, they would be gone in 2.10 (not to be
> > confused with 3.0) too.
> >
> >> Again, it is going to take me and others a lot of work to migrate out
> >> our
> >> data from those products into other vehicles but such is progress.
> >
> > A decision hasn't been made.  People who don't use them feel strongly
> > that they should go.  I'm trying to get a sense of how widely they are
> > used.  I'm trying to understand if people who use ZClasses are a silent
> > majority, minority, or small minority.
> >
> > Jim
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