Hi Malthe,

I don't think moin markup allows html tags, so br is out.

Also, consider whether this work will really pay off. Unless it gets incorporated into the upstream MoinMoin code, it might or might not make sense to support a non-standard moin markup feature in the shipping Zwiki. But I don't want to discourage you, perhaps you just want this for local use.

It's not clear to me either, but I think:

- the class you need to change is Parser

- start by looking at formatting_rules. The format() method may also be relevant.

- try to find some other formatting rule that's similar, and copy/tweak it. Perhaps <li> ?

- the regexps named there are somehow handled by the similarly-named repl methods, like _li_repl()

- you might find more help with this code on the moin channel/list/wiki.

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