Hi all,
i'm a new user of Zope; i'm studing it since two weeks
and i think it's very
interesting, 'cause has the same power of j2ee
application server but it is much more easy to use!
While i was developing my first Zope application i
fell into this trouble: i
would like to write a script that create a folder, put
some file in it, and set some properties.
The code i've writed imports date object from datetime
package: this makes it
doesn't work like a script (python), so i adapt code
as an external method; but
when i run the method Zope says that he can't find
symbol 'container'... (mumble)

Well, 2 are the questions:
First, what i've to do to get service variable like
like container, context, request, etc.. ?
Which are differences between script and external
method coding? i remember that the zope book
indicates only imports.

Python scripts (the TTW kind) have security restrictions and have special procedures for setting the name and the parameters of a method. (Via the TTW forms: notice that you don't write def methodname() et al.) There are also some special names bound, like context and so forth.

External methods are regular Python methods in a Python module which are made available to be used live in Zope. Just as in any Python method, you can get to the context in which it was called through the 'self' parameter, which you will define as the first param. This is the same as 'context' in a Python script. So you can say::

  def getThisId(self):
    return self.getId()

You can get the request like 'self.REQUEST'. The container can be found with self.aq_inner.aq_parent or something like that.

Alternately, you can allow modules in Python scripts. See zope/lib/python/Products/PythonScripts/README or http://svn.zope.org/Zope/trunk/lib/python/Products/PythonScripts/README.txt?rev=24563&view=auto


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