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> From: Dieter Maurer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> "ZClasses" feature prominently in the Zope book.
> Seems they are more recommended than the new development paradigm (which
> does not yet feature at all in the Zope book).

I don't know if I'm living under a rock or something, but I'm using Zope
on and off since about 2.5.1, and I've barely heard about archetypes.
So far I did not come across a simple introduction, tutorial,
or even explanation of them. Of course I haven't searched, but I guess
that is the point of Dieters remark. ZClasses, external methods and to 
some extend Python products byte you the moment you get to the Zope

The "new stuff" is that stuff I hear the buzzwords flying around, but
once I touch something of it, I'm lost pretty fast.

If something is the "new and recommended way" of doing things, it should
be first place in the docs. The "Zope Bible" has Python products before
other stuff IIRC, good. If the "new stuff" is so great and easy to use, 
it should also be easy to put some documentation of it in Chapter 2 or
3 of whatever the Zope Docs will be.

As for the question of depreciating ZClasses: 
I had started out with ZClasses once, got to know the limitations and am
now doing Python products. I've learned a lot using ZClasses, as one can
jumble and play around with object orientation much easier. Python
products offer a much steeper wall, there is much more that has to be
just right just to get started. So if the "new stuff" offers that
easy intro playground and has adequate docs, then replace ZClasses.

And btw, keep up the good work, thanks!



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