Robert (Jamie) Munro wrote:
Don't install Zope from OS packages like debian, they never get it right
and you will just end up getting confused ;-)

I don't come to this conclusion at all.

That's 'cos you haven't run into the problems that come with using OS packages and the added level of maintenence they require (by the os package maintainers) - yet!

The only problem with the debian
package is that people on this list who don't know what is going on give
unhelpful answers.

Are you including yourself in that group? ;-) The recommendations not to use OS packages come from bitter experience of people who've experienced weird edge case errors and totally out of date software versions as a result of using OS packages, Debian and RedHat being prime examples...

This is the message that is printed by debian's /etc/init.d/zope2.7 when
no instances exist yet. Run mkzope2.7instance to make an instance.  As was
already mentioned, all this is explained by debconf when you install
debian on Zope. It's probably a bug worth fixing, though. It should say
"No instances have been created yet".

Yes, my point exactly. If you use a standard source install, many more people will have seen any message you see and are likely to be able to help. Adding non-standard setup scripts like this means there's another opportunity for bugs to creep in and something else that needs to be maintained.

I think it's worth installing the zope package, but not the products from
the debian packages, unless they are zope2.7 packages, but there aren't
many of those.

Yes, layering a pluggable distribution system over a plugin system seems somewhat bizarre...



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