Is this a kafkanian situation? Are really core developers asking the
community to kick a used Zope's feature, saying it's because it's hard to
maintain it, and simultaneously to say it's code 'unmaintained and untouched
since ages'? Folks, you didn't need to ask for the aproval of people who
didn't make it with that feature. You just do it. You're the ones that
create the knots and know for sure where they are, and if you aren't in the
mood anymore just give the thing over. :)

As of your remarks, Andreas,  I understand your point. People who care
should take over. Sounds fair. Just please don't mean that we who say yes to
a Jim's question are guilty of not letting Zope to move on, because Zope is
moving to X3, not to 2.X+five, and definitely not to Archetypes, a CMF

As for ZC,  IMHO the issue should be treated as a matter of understanding
the market rather than achieving a milestone. You created stuff that works
in some way or another that people embraced. You also changed your company
name to the name of the product of yours that people embraced. And no matter
how much hype there is on new trends, you should realize that a song is just
a song until the market say it's a hit, and that X3 is that song. Shall you
start to put Zope2 into pieces before getting to know you already have a
hit?  :)


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