Andrew Milton wrote:

I think people on this list need to realize that eventually, the direction of
any significantly large Open Source project is hijacked by the relatively
small number of people actually doing the work.

The reasons for this are many-fold, but, normally come down to a lack of
communication between the developers and the users, which is realized in a
lack of understanding by the developers of what the users want.

This for the most part isn't generally a problem, until, the developers start
to do things "for the user's own good", like remove features that are
"kludgey", or a "hack", or <insert some other reason>, which generally means
either noone wants to work on it, or some other change caused it to break, and
noone wants to fix it.

Now to the credit of the Zope guys, they actually poll the users to find out,
rather than just announce the demise of something. However, in general once you add a feature, you can be guaranteed, that somewhere, someone is using it, so removing it will always cause a problem. So there will always be an
uproar when you poll.

You're never going to be able to reduce the feature set between point
releases without upsetting some group of people. So why don't we stop all this
nonsense now, and just agree, that you're never going to do that d8) You have
Zope 3 to remove all the stuff you hate d8)

In my opinion if you change something, it's your responsibility to fix the
resulting breakage. That's part of your responsibiliity to the rest of the
community (i.e. the [mostly non-paying] customers). If you don't think you
have this responsibility to us, then you should work on your own version of
Zope, where you're not impacting anyone else.

For the record, I hate ZClasses... d8)

I wish Terri Shiavo had as much compassion as ZClasses.

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