Max M wrote:
I have a product where I convert some external datetimes to zope DateTime() objects. I save them as UTC as zopes DateTime does by default.

But when these are rendered, the time is offset by two hours.

Ok. I was unclear here.

I convert from datetime objects (python) to DateTime (zope) objects.

The datetime objects are in UTC format. So are the DateTime objects.

On an external system I enter a time of 11:00. The external system then saves the value as 9:00 UTC, which is correct. Taking summertime and time zone offset into account.

When I convert to DateTime objects, they are saved as "9:00 Universal". So that is correct too.

The DateTime objects are then displayed in Zope/Plone in UTC time.

I would expect Zope to represent them in the systems locale 'danish' and display them as 11:00

I have set the "locale danish" directive in my zope.conf, but that doens't change anything.

Does anybody have an idea as to what to try out next?


hilsen/regards Max M, Denmark
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