Dieter Maurer wrote:

exUserFolder has built in caching (positive and negative caches),

Dunno what that means, but SUF supports caching via standard RAMCacheManagers

That sounds very strange: user objects cached in a RAMCacheManager...

Why? How does that memory-based cache differ in concept from the one inside XUF? ;-)

or ZSQL method caching.

They cannot be controlled (therefore, I developped "CCSQLMethods"), thus, bad luck when you changed a user...

Sorry, not enough info to be a useful comment. I think this boils down to "CCSQLMethods have better caching that ZSQL Methods", in which case, great, use CCSQLMethods instead, SUF is agnostic to what type of callable object you use to implement any of the things that need implementing. This comes back to the point I made in my other mail: allow people to switch in better components as they become available, don't tie them to your own duplicate implementation ;-)

What does that entail? SUF should quite happilly replace the userfolder in a CMF site...

Maybe, you look at "exUserFolder" more closely.

I'd really rather not ;-)

The true reason for this suggestion: I, too, do not know it.
It is just a configuration option (that I did not need and therefore

That sounds like most of XUF to me. With SUF you start with something simple and add what you need, with XUF, you start with something complex and get scared by the millions of config options until you finally figure out what to turn off. Heh, I guess this is also why I feel the way I do about Plone ;-)

Well, SUF does, although I don't know if I ever released that version due to broken, it's available to whoever asks for it though...

That's bad for SUF.

*shrugs* I'll get to a point where I can release code there at some stage...

This feature was essential for us.
I looked at SUF and exUserFolder -- and chose "exUserFolder"
as it better matched our requirements.

I'm happy to send you the latest SUF if you're interesteed :-)



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