Yuri wrote at 2005-4-7 14:30 +0200:
> ...
> Isn't Archetypes only for Plone?

No, it can be used with pure CMF...
... if one is ready to fix a few Plone dependencies that creep
in in most Archetype releases.

> ...
> Just release a way to convert a Zclass to a Python Product (at least 
>for the simplest ZClasses...).

Unfortunaltely, even the most elementary things are missing:

  PropertySheet are one of the most essential parts of ZClasses --
  and they can be extended later and all ZInstances see the changes.

  "PropertySheet"s are available for non ZClasses as well.
  But, this code is even less maintained than ZClasses and
  utterly broken.
  When I used them for a Python product, I had to fight for two
  days and had to heavily modify Zope code to get them working.

  I submitted a patch to the Zope collector but I had removed
  one bit of black magic too much -- and other products broke that
  were dependent on this magic.
  My patch which were already integrated into the Zope sources
  were reverted and never considered again (though I provided a
  Thus, "PropertySheet"s are still utterly broken (outside of
  our private Zope copy).

> I'm stil stuck on convert that damn base class CatalogAware to 
>CatalogPathAware, just to name something (CatalogAware) which is still 
>there for no reason... :)

One of my first steps in Zope land was to put Zope
in "cvs" and fix whatever I considered broken.

Maintaining one's private Zope version in a revision control
system allows to fix bugs without loosing the ability to
upgrade to new public versions (and semi automatically
have the own modifications merged in).

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