Hi Antonio,

Hi all:
How I can create attribute names dynamically?

tal:attributes="attributename expression"

Sorry, I haven't explain the problem correctly :)
The problem is the number of "refX" depends on the list of urls, i.e. if
I have ['http://foo', 'http://boo', 'http://google.com'] then I create:

<books ref1='http://foo' ref2='http://boo' ref3='http://google.com'>

but with ['http://foo'] I create:

<books ref1='http://foo'>

How I create refX?


For example, I want something like this:
<books  tal:attributes="ref1 string:http://boo";;
                                     ref2 request/URL3" />

And so on.
I think you are using zpt for the wrong thing. For me it seems that what
you should use would be a xml product like ParsedXML. I haven't used it,
but I have taken a look at the source code of Silva and saw that it may
be possible to create dynamic attributes with a "setAttribute" or some
thing like that.


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