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David H wrote:
Hi List,

I notice that the latest Zope does not have a Windows binary release yet
(zope 2.80 alpha 2).

I found an old Visual C 6.0 (still in the box!) and wonder if there are
instructions somewhere that I can follow to create my own binary on
Windows XP?

Assuming that VC6 is the compiler used to build Python (should be true
for Python < 2.4):

  C:\Zope-2.8.0a2> python.exe build_ext --inplace

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Thanks for responding.  I tried the suggestion:
  C:\Zope-2.8.0a2> python.exe build_ext --inplace
 and the thing runs for a while (good sign, as visual c 6.0 is compiling things) then I get this:

building 'Products.PluginIndexes.TextIndex.Splitter.ISO_8859_1_Splitter.ISO_8859_1_Splitter' extension
creating build\temp.win32-2.3\Release\Products\PluginIndexes\TextIndex\Splitter\ISO_8859_1_Splitter
creating build\temp.win32-2.3\Release\Products\PluginIndexes\TextIndex\Splitter\ISO_8859_1_Splitter\src
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\VC98\BIN\cl.exe /c /nologo /Ox /MD /W3
/GX /DNDEBUG -IC:\python23\include -IC:\python23\PC /TcProducts/PluginIndexes/TextIndex/Splitter/ISO_8859_1_Splitter/src/ISO_8859_1_Splitter.c /Fobuild\
fatal error C1083:
Cannot open source file:
   No such file or directory
error: command '"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\VC98\BIN\cl.exe"' failed with exit status 2

When I inspect 'Products/PluginIndexes/TextIndex/Splitter/ISO_8859_1_Splitter/src I find only one file and its:
ISO_8859_000064 (no extension).

I've been reviewing distUtils but just started so I'm unlcear about this stuff still.
Any ideas?


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