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I am trying to execute something like:
<tr tal:repeat="recordset">
<td tal:replace="recordset/fname"><a
href="eachrecordresult.html?fname='recordset/fname'"> First Name
<td tal:replace="recordset/lname"> Last Name </td>

Everything works fine but the hyperlink. What I want it to look in
the hyperlink is something like:
eachrecordresult.html?fname='chris' where eachrecord is separe ZPT which retrieves each persons
record and displays it.

But how it interprets it is (each looks the same): eachrecordresult.html?fname='recordset/fname'

How can I solve this problem.

Thanks in advance.

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This is a better example, I tested it on my system against my Vendors file.

<tal:block define="rec_set context/zVendorName">
<tr tal:repeat="rec rec_set">
<td><a tal:attributes="href rec/vendorname">
<span tal:replace="rec/vendorname"></span>

Anyway, it should be close to what your looking for I hope cause Im done now.

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