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Hey all,

I'm attempting to use mostly-vanilla Zope to implement an intranet
here at my office, but am finding it difficult to use a 'feature' that
I imagine should be possible. I've created a template for what ideally
would be a single object/class type, containing multiple different
kinds of Zope objects, and want to be able to clone new copies of that
template as one can do with the existing Zope objects (e.g. as one
would add a new File or Folder).

The template currently consists of a typical index_html ZPT, a
Formulator form, a small collection of Python Scripts, and two generic
Files which are the CSS and JavaScript includes for the ZPT. These are
all contained in a normal Folder object.

The ideal situation is that I want a single object, which has various
data fields (storage location is not important at this time) that are
manipulated with the above objects--the ZPT+files generate a form
page, using Formulator for rendering and validation, and the Python
scripts for various other tasks, including the eventual input
processing. And, as stated before, I need to be able to instantiate
new copies of this object.

Now, I first looked at ZClasses (which according to the Zope Book is
exactly what I want), but it appears that each ZClass instance shares
the 'methods' in the ZClass definition--so that if I wanted each
individual object to add fields to its own Formulator form, it
couldn't. On top of that, I read and (mostly) understand some of the
recent discussions here about possible deprecation of ZClasses, making
it even less of a desirable option.

I then looked at CPSSchema, but what appears to be its homepage on
zope.org cannot be accessed even after one creates an account on the
site; furthermore, what little I was able read about it suggests that
it too is not quite what I'm looking for. Ditto for Plone's ArchTypes
(plus I'd *rather* not have to use Plone, as this intranet is not
really going to be a CMS in the classical sense).

So, I'm pretty much out of ideas; obviously I could just write my own
Product from scratch, and that's what I'll be looking into in the
meantime, but this seems like something that should be possible, and I
hope I'm just missing something or being misled by what I've already
read. Please help :)


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