Rushabh Mehta wrote:
hello all,

this is my first zope app... i am trying to figure out how to create
an object in a particular folder via script, when my current object
may not be in the right tree...

I tried to do a 'change folder' via restrictedTraverse (eg context.getRestrictedTraverse('/myapp/myfolder'), and then create the
object using manage_addProduct... but it dosnt seem to work. any tips?

The manage_addProduct method creates an object in the context in which is was called. Which is to say, the object it is called on. If you say context.manage_addProduct(...) you're creating an object on the current object (or the current object's container.)

The restrictedTraverse method gets and returns some object; it does not "change folders". (The API note reads: "Return the object obtained by traversing the given path from the object on which the method was called, performing security checks along the way.") You're thinking file-system-wise, and that doesn't work here. Think objects.

(Note: I don't think 'getRestrictedTraverse' exists. 'restrictedTraverse' on the other hand, definitely does.)

What you want to do, then, is call manage_addProduct on the object returned by restrictedTraverse::


Of course, you can also get a certain folder via acquisition::


unless you're getting paths dynamically.

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