Tim Hicks said:
> Andreas Jung said:
>>>     Module RestrictedPython.Guards, line 96, in handler
>>>   TypeError: object does not support item or slice assignment
>>> Does anyone have any idea what the problem is?
> Digging further...
> I made the TypeError a little more revealing on line 96 of
> RestrictedPython/Guards.py so it now shows the 'secattr' (method) being
> accessed, and its args::
>         def handler(self, *args):
>             try:
>                 f = getattr(self.ob, secattr)
>             except AttributeError:
>                 raise TypeError, '%s | %s | %s' % (error_msg, secattr,
> str(args))
> The value of 'secattr' is apparently '__guarded_setitem__' in my case.
> So, it seems that the email.Message.Message class does not have a
> __guarded_setitem__ on it.  This is unsurprising.  I assume that it is
> supposed to get added during zope initialisation somewhere, right?  Can
> anybody point out where?

Well, I've fixed this with an awful hack.  My security assertions now look

  from AccessControl import allow_module, allow_class
  from AccessControl import ModuleSecurityInfo

  def _secure_mapping(klass):
      """XXX Awful hack!!
      klass.__guarded_getitem__ = klass.__getitem__
      klass.__guarded_setitem__ = klass.__setitem__
      klass.__guarded_delitem__ = klass.__delitem__

  from email.Message import Message

That gets me to where I want (for now).  I'd still love the 'correct'
answer though.


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