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--On Mittwoch, 13. April 2005 11:33 Uhr +0200 Lucas Hofman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Will do. A bit of a nuisance with offices and vessels all over the globe
accessing the site. Actually the 400GB process was only running for one
day. Was there not a Zope version with some serious memory leaks that
were fixed? (these sites are running different python/zope/plone versions)

Which Zope version are you running? Since writing leaking code in Zope can be easy
this problem can be anywhere and it is often hard to track it down.

python 2.3.4 - zope 2.7.2 - plone 2.0.4 python 2.4.1 (I know, should have used 2.3.5) - zope 2.7.3 - plone 2.0.5

The sites with most memory consumption are the oldest (but then, they have more content in their Data.fs)


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