prabuddha ray wrote:
This may be very silly plz help
I gave this cookie expiry statement in a python script:


return context.REQUEST.RESPONSE.redirect('index_html')

but when i checked the cookie values in request page, it wasn't removed. the last redirect still worked.

when i put an if like this :
if (RESPONSE.expireCookie('login'))

return context.REQUEST.RESPONSE.redirect('index_html')

redirect didn't work. where am i wrong?
all the files are in same folder

I set a cookie to indicate a user is in Edit mode. The script that unsets Edit mode looks like this:

RESPONSE.expireCookie('editMode', path='/')

Logout is different in my case because the cookie is set by exUserFolder. I put this in the logout script:


I have no idea (now) why it works.



Nice short question!

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