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On Fri, 15 Apr 2005 05:54 pm, Michael Haubenwallner wrote:

Bakhtiar A Hamid wrote:

Richard Jones wrote:

ark! insufficient priveleges

Works now !

Well, it does *sometimes*. Whenever I make a new release though, the permissions seem to be screwey and end up giving people an error when they try to view the page!

So I made two releases in quick succession today, and whoever manages did get those releases through publication quickly (though again, the page came up as an error in the mean time). Unfortunately, an erroneous release I made - which I did not mark for publication that I'm aware of, and had a meaningless ID - was also published. I've now marked it as retracted (there doesn't appear to be any way to *delete* a release), meaning the ZSQLSessionDataManager is again inaccessible by regular users. Sigh.

Hi Richard,
that is a very old problem with software releases - any 'private' file inside the current release blocks the access to the release and only folder_contents works for some roles. You can retract the file it is in 'private' state and you remove it from the folder yourself.
It takes some time for the caches to update too.



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