How do I change the meta_type for an object in the ZMI from within Zope?

An instance of a product I have built (inheriting from the the Folder Product) has become inaccessible after adding a lot of data. Essentially this is a product to archive text strings in a specific format and has worked fine for months. The problem has lead to corruption of the Data.fs file (and fsrecovery.py did not find anything to recover). I had a few backups from which I was able to recover the rest of the site and of the archive in a previous state, but had to go back 3 days.

The backup from the day before the corruption does have the object in the ZMI tree, but now Zope thinks this is a normal Folder and when I try to access it, gives me attribute errors. When I attempt an XML download, although there are errors, I can see all the archived texts in the text that is appearing in my browser, however they are embedded in chaotic-looking text garbage, so I can't find a way to extract them by script. (And there are about 5000 missing texts, so copy and paste would take days!)

I was wondering if I could just alter the meta_type for the object from within Zope, maybe through a python script and see if that makes the object accessible again. I can't find anything on how to change the meta_type for an existing object though.

Any help very appreciated.



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