On Apr 20, 2005, at 5:43 AM, David wrote:

I do : ps -aux . There is one zope process (user : zope) running in every moment :

zope 19004 0.3 11.0 171460 114380 ? S 09:58 0:16 /usr/bin/python2.3 /usr/lib/zope2.7/lib/python/Zope/Startup/run.py -C /var/lib/zope2.7/instance/ ...

However, there are a lot of apache process (6) running.

Do you know another way to obtain the number of zope threads running?

Apache spawns multiple processes, not threads. (that changes a bit with Apache 2, but lets ignore that for the moment.) Zope uses threads instead.

The Linux kernel, before version 2.6 had relatively primitive thread support, and built threads out of multiple processes with some memory sharing. Linux 2.6 has more advanced thread support that supports the pthread standard. One side effect of real pthreads is that all threads are really within the same process.

If you use the command and options "ps auxm", you will see displayed the threads within the process.

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