On Apr 21, 2005, at 13:16, Sascha Ottolski wrote:
What bothers me, however, is the fact, that the backup process is real hit on
the overall performance (espacially . The server in question has a RAID-5
setup, storing the backups on the same array as it reads the Data.fs from.
Obviously, this keeps the harddisk quite busy during the backup.

This is, to be frank, a bad setup for a ZEO server. ZEO servers are I/O-bound and need the disk to be as fast as possible. I'd recommend moving away from RAID-5 to something simpler like RAID-1.

Now, did anyone try to let repozo write the backups onto a nfs share on
another machine? Would that reduce the hit?

Yes. At least the backup write activity would hit some other disk.

Besides that, how often do you guys run your backups? In fact, I never needed
to recover one until now, but if the case ever happens, I would prefer to
have as recent data as possible, of course.

There is no golden rule. It all depends on your specific setup and how fast your data grows, and of course how recent you want to be if you need to restore from backup. I haven't had a setup where backup needs were so urgent that an hourly backup was done, nightly has been good enough so far. With weekly packing.


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