Abhilasha Chaudhary wrote:

Thanks for the info. I downloaded the FSDump product and dumped my files to the file system.
But when I ftp the files back to the zope interface, they lose their properties. Is there a
way(other than PUT_factory) to ftp the dump so that the object properties are not lost?

Paul Winkler wrote:

On Thu, Apr 14, 2005 at 05:30:10PM -0400, Abhilasha Chaudhary wrote:


I am trying to find out how I can back up all the zope files related to a particular
project on the file system. I want to able to store the zope code in CVS. I use ftp
to store the files from zope on the file system. But when I put back the files in the
Zope area using ftp, the properties of the files all get converted to DTML and the
application cannot be used. I know there is a utility called "PUT_factory" that
allows you to specify the zope object you want, but I think this utility is not very
useful when you want to convert to certain types of objects(e.g ZSQLmethod).
I want to find out if there is a more graceful way of preserving zope object properties
while backing up zope files to the file system?

The FSDump product might help you.

Or, just keep your code on the filesystem in the first place.
Google for using Filesystem Directory Views outside of CMF.

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