I run this Zope/Plone site - www.dte.ua.pt
I am no Zope guru. I've just managed, with my years on administrating
Linux servers, to install it, as well as plone and a bunch of Products,
and get it running. That's all.
Just made after, a few hacks in Plone code, mainly to support
authentication through HTTPS and a few more minor thingies.

The server running Zope has been there for about three years (more or
less), is running SuSE 9.0 and it was compiled as well as Pyhton.

The latest versions of Zope and Python, were by that time 2.6.1 and
2.1.3 respectively.

So, to live on the edge, i've instaled this versions under:

I start zope with:
/usr/local/zope/start &

and in /usr/local/zope/start file, i have
exec /usr/local/python/bin/python $cwd/z2.py -L 'pt_PT' -u zope "$@"

I'm moving this machine to a more powerful one in which i'm going to
install Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.

I remeber having installed it first in RedHat 9, and then switching it
after a few days to SuSE 9.0, just by backing up /usr/local/zope
directory and restoring it after in SuSE.
No major issues with this.
A couple of symbolic links did to tweaks that were needed.

I think my Zope is suffering from arthritis :(
I can't undo any more, either in Zope nor Plone and i can't compress
Zope's database without getting an error and... no database compressed.
As if you care to rapidly browse the site, you will see it is indeed a
small one, but the /usr/local/zope .bz2 tarball is already at 1 GB and

Does this sympthoms means that i'm going to have troubles now migrating
to RHEL 4 ?
Maintaining the Zope and Python version of course and the same scheme.
I don't want to upgrade Zope, nor Python, nor Plone.

Any help would be apreciated.

Warm Regards,
Mário Gamito
Bastard Administrator in $hell
$Users, you better make your backups
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