Hi Mário

I think my Zope is suffering from arthritis :(
I can't undo any more, either in Zope nor Plone and i can't compress
Zope's database without getting an error and... no database compressed.
As if you care to rapidly browse the site, you will see it is indeed a
small one, but the /usr/local/zope .bz2 tarball is already at 1 GB and
Well, if you want somebody able to help you, you should post the error
you got + a traceback.

Does this sympthoms means that i'm going to have troubles now migrating
to RHEL 4 ?
Perhaps your Data.fs is corrupted or something like that. If I'm not
wrong, there was a bug when packing the ZopeDB on that zope version.
Somewhere on the zope hirarchy there is a script to repair this (look
the archives). Anyway,  if I were you, I would try to solve the problem
before migrating and off course do a backup before trying something.

Maintaining the Zope and Python version of course and the same scheme.
I don't want to upgrade Zope, nor Python, nor Plone.
You don't have to upgrade, but the new versions have some important bug
fixes. I'm also using the same zope as you and I really want to migrate
it. But first I have to migrate some ZClasses stuff :-(


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