I'm running Zope 2.7.5-1, python 2.3.5-2 and experience that during the
runnig of my own functional tests (sandboxed) after a few tests the
program locks up (CTRL-C does not work, CTRL-Z yes).

I can reproduce the issue with the following test:


from Testing import ZopeTestCase


class TestSessionBug(ZopeTestCase.Functional, ZopeTestCase.ZopeTestCase):
    This locks up in the start of test07! The checkpoint is
    never reached.
    def afterSetUp(self):
        print 'Checkpoint'
        request = self.app.REQUEST
        sdm = self.app.session_data_manager
        request.set('SESSION', sdm.getSessionData())
        self.sessipn = request.SESSION

    def test_01(self): pass
    def test_02(self): pass
    def test_03(self): pass
    def test_04(self): pass
    def test_05(self): pass
    def test_06(self): pass
    def test_07(self): pass
    def test_08(self): pass
    def test_09(self): pass
    def test_10(self): pass
    def test_11(self): pass
def test_suite():
    from unittest import TestSuite, makeSuite
    suite = TestSuite()
    return suite


The setup of the sessions in the above code triggers the problem but it
might not be its direct reason. Even without this it happens in some of
my test methods. The lockup is very deterministic and it does not seem to
have much to do with the test methods themselves, that is, if I just run
the test method where it broke, it does not occur.

What am I missing? Can someone reproduce this?

Balazs REE

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