One last note from myside. I have experiences with unicode since over 7 years while
working with multilingual documents in the e-publishing business. It is good practice
to perform *any* unicode related work *only* on unicode datatypes (Python unicode strings!!!)
and *not* some byte-encoded unicode strings as utf8 or whatever. These encodings
should only be used on the output level when presenting unicode data to the user - either
through-the-web, as export format etc. This is a strong advice you should follow.


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Maybe *you* don't get the point. Python has a "virtual machine level" setting that specifies the locale and encoding (the charset). You can set it for example like: locale.setlocale('hu_HU', 'ISO-8859-2'). And although there is no charset information attached to strings, locale.strcoll and such will assume that the string is in the encoding specified globally like above, right? All the strings (which is not an unicode string) is assumed to use that encoding. It seems to me that it works like that until I specify 'UTF-8' in the locale, in which case it goes mad.

I am very much aware of the issue (btw. it was me who integrated

You are aware of it, so why do you dispute if UTF-8 is supported (read: can be used in practice)? Just how on the earth should anybody solve this "on the application level"? Should everybody use only his own products (that convert everything to "unicode" string)? Also everybody should patch ZCatalog and similar core components which also sorts non-unicode strings? Simply said, people can't use Zope with UTF-8 in practice (while I guess they can with ISO-8859-x, right?), with my original words "Since Python/Zope/etc practically doesn't support utf-8". And I didn't meant to hurt or upbraid Zope fans with it at all, I just said it as a fact in the middle of a sentence, and then what happens...

(Why Plone guys use UTF-8 as default, I don't know, maybe they didn't
realized it doesn't work for people who really utilize utf-8. I'm for
too long in the business to be surprised. :) I think I will ask them...)

And if you look carefully at the API of sequence.sort()
then you will see that there is already built-in support locale-aware

Yeah, I tried to use that earlier, but as I said for many times here, it can't sort utf-8 encoded strings, despite that I have set the "global locale" to something.utf8, certainly because Python locale.strcoll can't. So at the end: You Can Not Use UTF-8 with Zope. Right? Soooo, then back to the original question: converting and utf-8 instance to ISO-8859-2 instance, any idea? (Or is it still the standpoint that I should not??? D-%)


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