I don't understand all the issues, but from an AT-user's point of view, it'd be very nice to have a fully supported dictionary and array field. I'm very interested in using the ATExtentions, but am wary of exposing myself to code that may not be future-proof.

Practically speaking, is the risk low for using these ATExtensions?


On 2005-04-26 04:39:28 -0700, Raphael Ritz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> said:

Martin Aspeli wrote:

PS: Does anyone know how to move a project from
one svn repository (our own) to another one
(svn.plone.org) without loosing history?
Then I could move it there.

Kapil probably does :)

It would be nice if this went into archetypes/MoreFieldsAndWidgets for sure.

The problem I have with 'MoreFieldsAndWidgets' is that it is a collection of individual products, not just one product that acts like a library.

For the better or worse: I imported ATExtensions just a few minutes
ago into plone.org/svn/archetypes

Of course I am aware that we have an even greater confusion now
when it comes to the question: I want to contribute a new field or
widget (or validator): how do I do that? Do I add this to AT,
to ATExtensions to MoreFieldsAndWidgets or do I make my own project?

What I could imagine is that we have ATExtensions and
MoreFieldsAndWidgets in parallel and maybe even somehow
synchronized so that people have both options if that
seems desirable.

I'm willing to maintain the library approach of ATExtensions
(i.e., provide guidance and support for contributions or
update and add stuff myself and to make sure that its at least
not broken to the extend that your Zope won't start and that
it can be installed - which can add - up I know)

How much do you care about history, though? I realise it's important, but if you're 98% sure you won't roll anything back, you can just make a copy in the new repo, and keep the old repo open for another six months or so but closed for new commits, just in case. Sometimes pragmatism is easier. :)

That's exactly what I just did.

Opinions on the above anyone?



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