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> Thursday, April 28, 2005, 3:11:01 PM, Peter Eis wrote:
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> >>Hello the list,
> >>   In Zope.conf ( ZOPE 2.7.5-final ) I changed "rest-input-encoding" and
> >>"rest-output-encoding" to send "UTF-8" and then restarted the server. But 
> >>in my
> >>webbrowser, the files are always received in "windows-1252".
> >>  
> >>
> >
> > Do you access zope directly or are you running behind a web server like
> > apache?
> > In the latter you'll have to change the default encoding in the apache
> > config, too.
> Out of curiosity: How is that? I would think that Zope creates the whole
> HTTP response (so including the Content-Type: text/html;charset=utf-8
> header). OK, mod proxy and such may change some headers in it, but the
> Content-Type's charset? The charset is about the HTTP response body,
> which is surely created inside Zope.

Yes. Its entirely Zopes job. And if you are using pure Zope, you need
to set the header in the publish process, e.g. with a python script
or something you use for default display. Also you need to set a
property manage_page_charset in zopes root to be able to use that
encoding in ZMI too. This way you arent storing unicode - only utf-8
as you want to display it.


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