I have recently upgraded the server (see previous message about my current box) and that definitely has had a positive effect. I've also been tweaking the caches, to get the most out of what I have. The instances of these errors rearing their ugly heads are definitely down, but 10% error rate on 1,000 registrations per month still means a lot of me registering members manually.

I'll explore the member registration process on the Plone list. Thanks for all your help here.


On May 3, 2005, at 9:17 AM, Tim Peters wrote:


[Tim Peters]
Conflict errors are certainly normal, but IIUC the OP is seeing site
errors, not just log msgs ...

[Chris McDonough]
This is true. I misunderstood the OP inasmuch as I thought he was
seeing the error message in his event log, which would be normal It is
certainly the intent that end users should never see this error message
in a browser, but it's not a promise as it depends how the developer's
code is written. Zope will retry a request three times due to conflict
errors before it gives up and presents the conflict-caused error to the

So maybe it's really a Plone question (as in, is Plone doing something here for member registration that makes read conflicts unusually likely?); or maybe the OP's box is overburdened, so that transactions take much longer than "normal" (e.g., too little RAM, whatever); or ...

It would at least be interesting to know how often conflict errors are
just _logged_ (as opposed to surviving long enough to show up to the
end user).

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