Kirk Strauser wrote:

> On Tuesday 03 May 2005 16:09, J Cameron Cooper wrote:
>> So you have it in DTML and want to re-write in Python but you don't want
>> to do it in Python?

What's wrong with External Methods? It takes all of about 5 seconds more than a TTW Python script. They're a necessary security precaution, but not all that burdensome. (You don't want your users having access to exec(), do you?)

> No. I have it in DTML and want to re-write it in Python without involving External Methods or other hackery.
>> Then why change it? It works, right?
> For certain values of "works", sure. The problem I'm trying to solve
> is that the body of the email needs to become more complex than I'm
> willing to handle with DTML.

You don't have to write the body in DTML. Create a method that does the body however you like and include it in the message by calling it with a dtml-var. You could use a Python script or ZPT or whatever.

> The natural next step for me was to look into rewriting the whole
> mail-sending object in Python, but I didn't expect that I'd have to
> reimplement the functionality of DTML to do it.

How did you want it to work? There's DTML and there's Python libs. I can't imagine another way, but maybe I'm in too deep.

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