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I am having some difficulty getting this to work.

# everything works fine from here....
object = []
results = []
subbrain = []
query = 'somekeyword'
for brain in context.Catalog(meta_type='Folder',
bobobase_modification_time={'query':DateTime()-14, 'range':'min'},
PrincipiaSearchSource=query) :
# results.append(object)
    path = brain.getPath()
    print path
    print '<item>'
    print '<title>' + brain.title + '</title>'
    print '<link> + str(path) + '</link>'
    print '<description>' + brain.description + '</description>'

# ... through here
# however, what I'd like to do is get the path to every ExtFile contained
in these Folders

    # this should get you every catalogued object in the folder
    for subbrain in context.Catalog(path=path):
        print subbrain.Title
        print subbrain.Description
        return printed

    print '<pubDate>' + str(brain.date) + '</pubDate>'
    print '</item>'

return printed

Any additional help you could offer is appreciated.

So narrow your second catalog search::

    for subbrain in context.Catalog(path=path, meta_type="ExtFile"):

Or something like that. Easy.

FYI, returning some data structure to your page template is recommended over directly outputting HTML.


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