Thursday, May 5, 2005, 4:41:15 AM, Cyrille Bonnet wrote:

> As Shane pointed out, there is a tidy up in Kupu. However, in my 
> experience, it is not a very good tidy up (if I remember correctly, a 
> lot of tags are still there after the tidy up).

Maybe the key of the tidy problem is that these server side tidiers
don't date to be too Draconian, because then they would possibly damage
the content. Now if the tidy would happen right when the user pastes in
the HTML from the clipboard, then he would immediately see what's the
result, so the tidier could be much more brave in killing the frippery.
Also, then the content that was entered earlier couldn't be damaged by
the tidier (since only the just inserted content is tidied).

Anyway, are there any hope that text entered with these browser embedded
WYSIWYG editors (like Kupu) will be really pure content? I mean, the
input shouldn't even be HTML (as far as the user sees it at least), but
something like DocBook.

> AFAIK, Kupu is integrated in Plone 2.1.
> Daniel Dekany wrote:
>> Friday, April 29, 2005, 7:12:30 PM, Maik Jablonski wrote:
>>>Robert (Jamie) Munro wrote:
>>>>How do I control tidy options when using Epoz and uTidyLib? I'd like it
>>>>to output xhtml, but it is currently outputting uppercase tag names etc.
>>>If uTidyLib or mxTidy (recommended) is installed correctly, Epoz should
>>>output XHTML. Please check if you've installed uTidyLib with the correct
>>>  python (same as running your Zope-Server).
>> BTW, anybody has found a solution for fixing HTML copy-pasted from
>> Microsoft Word (mostly 2000/XP)? Lot of users has MS Word, and the HTML
>> pasted from it is a CSS killer mess. I tried mxTidy but it didn't
>> improved substantially the HTML. So how do you guys do it? I have looked
>> after solutions for Epoz, but didn't found any. But I don't stick to
>> Epoz... if there is a solution already for Kupu (is Kupu already
>> recommended over Epoz anyway?). Certainly the solution would be an Epoz
>> post-tidy Python script, but I didn't found any for Word tidying.
>> (However, the ideal would be if the HTML is tidied right on the client
>> when it pastes it in -- thus user would really get what it sees, i.e.
>> the HTML wouldn't be changed when he saves it. That effect is really
>> evil.)

Best regards,
 Daniel Dekany

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