Samuel Bieri wrote at 2005-5-8 22:44 +0200:
> ...
>>Try to run Zope inside a debugger.
>I managed to compile GNU debug 6.1.1 on the hp-ux box. When I run zope 
>inside gdb I get the following:
>(gdb) run
>2005-05-08T22:29:59 INFO(0) Zope Ready to handle requests
>[New thread 2 (system thread 9556080)]
>[New thread 3 (system thread 9556082)]
>[New thread 4 (system thread 9556083)]
>[New thread 5 (system thread 9556084)]
>---> here I klick on a tal-obect in zope. Zope freezes. Then I kill zope.
>Program received signal SIGQUIT, Quit.
>0x77d2ca58 in __lwp_sema_wait () from /usr/lib/librt.2

Usually, "Control-C" is a better way to get debugger control.

>(gdb) bt
>#0  0x77d2ca58 in __lwp_sema_wait () from /usr/lib/librt.2
>#1  0x77d2ba78 in sem_wait () from /usr/lib/librt.2
>#2  0x77d2ba10 in sem_wait () from /usr/lib/librt.2
>#3  0x77d2ba10 in sem_wait () from /usr/lib/librt.2
>Previous frame identical to this frame (corrupt stack?)

That's sad.

It may mean that the runtime library is so much optimized
that GDB is unable to rebuild the call chain.

If this is indeed the case, then it will not be easy to analyse
your problem...

>Can any experienced zope programmer help me further?

At least the incomplete traceback is not a Zope but an
HP-UX issue.

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