David Siedband wrote:
I'm have a tuple that I want to pass to a zSQL query to so I can based on items in the tuple. I get the sequence from a zSQL query that selects a single field, and I'm postprocessing it with the following:

<dtml-let SelectedIDs="[ai[0] for ai in queries.selectDOdocIDs().tuples()]">

Which puts the sequence in brackets like this:

[211, 873, 515, 516, 589]

That's the standard Python representation of a list. SQL likes a different syntax.

but mysql seems to want them in parenthesis... because when I try this

select ThemeWords.*
from DocThemes, ThemeWords
where DocThemes.DocID in <dtml-var SelectedIDs>
and DocThemes.ThemeID = ThemeWords.ID

I get a KeyError.

The key error would indicate (depending on what it says: since that's not provided I'm just guessing) that your dtml-let does not contain the code above.

Also, is it possible to pass a list using dtml-sqlvar?

No. It's not that smart.

You should iterate over your list (dtml-in) to generate an SQL list::

(<dtml-in SelectedIDs><dtml-var sequence-item type="string">,</dtml-in>)

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