I created a very simple folderish product. Everything works fine. But I was surprised that "context" and "container" seem to behave differently for folderish object than for normal Folder.

Here's the problem: my product's instance "a" contains a DTML Document "doc" and some photos "img1", "img2". A simple ZPT "lst" queries object ids:

<p><li tal:repeat="item python:here.objectIds()" tal:content="item"></p>
<p><li tal:repeat="item python:container.objectIds()" tal:content="item"></p>

I need to call this ZPT as follows:

and I expect to get a list of objects contained in "a". The problem is that lst does not provide that. The first line shows nothing, and the second line shows content of the parent Folder! I would have expected that "container" is the "a", the folderish object. Why does it not work?

I \know that I can get my list by calling /a/lst, but unfortunately I cannot do that.

Milos Prudek
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