Hong Yuan wrote:
I have a page template, say 'products.pt', which takes traverse_subpath[0] as one of the variables, so e.g. the URL:
will actually call products.pt, which get 100 from the URL and displays it in the template.

Now my question is how can I get the full URL from within the tempalte 'products.pt'? If I use 'request/URL' it will show 'http://myserver/products' only, with the subpath somehow dropped. How can I get the '/100' part back?

If you simply print the request object, you'll see everything available. The CGI environment variables are available: http://hoohoo.ncsa.uiuc.edu/cgi/env.html

You can use ACTUAL_URL or URL0 to get the full url+path.

You can use PATH_TRANSLATED or PATH_INFO to get just the path portion.

You can use QUERY_STRING to get the query string.

Ideally, I'd like to get back the whole URL as entered in the browser as a string. From the REQUEST I have to put together URL and QUERY_STRING, and the section (#xxx) part of the url can not be found in REQUEST.

Unfortunately the CGI vars don't make provision for the anchor component or the whole unaltered URL. Don't even know it that's possibly without modifying ZPublisher.

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