Victor Kolisinski wrote at 2005-5-13 10:31 -0700:
> ...
>URL is generated with _ZopeId but when request come to
>ZServer VHM mapping doesnt works correct. Maybe i
>don't know to make correct mapping
>BUT today I make simple example:
>VHM mapping = localhost:8080/test/VirtualHostRoot/
>In test folder i have index_html page :
>  <head>   
>  </head>
>  <body>
>        This is Page Template <em
>tal:content="template/id">template id</em>.
>        <a href="" tal:attributes="href
>here/absolute_url">Visit me again </a>
>  </body>
>In this simple example BIM URL rewriting doesn't
>It works only if VHM mapping is empty.
>Is it posible that VHM is buggy in this case.

It is possible as I explained in an earlier message
(conflict for "BeforeTraverse" hook).

At your place, I would use debugging to find out
what precisely goes on.

When you plan to use Zope for various projects,
you may be able to convince your boss that
the investment in a commercial Python IDE with
support for Zope debugging will be worth.
Colleagues of mine are quite satisfied with WingIDE.

Personally, I am using the archaic "pdb" (which comes with Python).

> ...
>P.S Do I need to start new thread with example like

No, as long as the subject still fits.

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