Phil Beardmore wrote:
Hi All, hope you can help... I have a problem trying to use the LDAPUserFolder product. Basically I have a site named, and the site is Plone powered. I have a normal UserFolder at the top level folder which holds the members who have manager roles etc. On the site I have a folder called "Staff" and a folder called students.

Now for LDAP. I have an Ldap server which has a tree called Business, then under the tree are two more subfolders (called staff and student). I need to get the staff folder of the site authenticating against the staff tree in LDAP. So I go into the staff folder, add a LDAPUserFolder and set the settings up correctly. I then navigate to the staff folder and make the pages viewable to only members, managers and authenticated users. Thing is, when I try and view the page I am asked to login, but it automatically uses the root acl_users folder, and not the one in the "staff" folder.

So, the page re-drects you to which doesnt work with the LDAP usernames etc, but I know LDAP is definately working because If I point to it works.

Is there any way of setting which userfolder plone looks at?

If it not recommended to use Plone with more than one user folder (and this is one of the reasons). Place all your user sources in the default GRUF folder and use groups/roles to restrict access inside the site. I know LDAPUserFolder will let you assign LDAP groups to map to Zope roles.

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