Answering my own questions:

Testing for text/html does the trick as WebDAV follows some other content type (probably text/xml).

It works great!


Cyrille Bonnet wrote:
Thanks for all your answers,

I usually use Apache to change HTTP headers. But here, I need to post-process the HTML.

The reason is that the NZ Government Webguidelines require HTML 4.01 :-( and I'd like to keep Plone content and templates XHTML compliant.

One way to do that is obviously to post-process the HTML with a language that is good at regular expressions (Perl?).

But I thought it could be neat if the post-processing could be done in Zope itself.

Anyway, I am looking at ZPublisher.HTTPResponse.HTTPResponse and it looks like the right place.

Thanks for your help!


Dieter Maurer wrote:

Cyrille Bonnet wrote at 2005-5-5 14:58 +1200:

I am trying to perform a post-processing on all HTTP responses, before they get sent to the browsers. I am using Zope 2.7.3 nad Plone 2.0.5.

I had a look at the ZServer class: it seems to be the right place, but I don't understand all the code there and I am afraid to break something :-(

I think "ZPublisher.HTTPResponse.HTTPResponse" is the better place for tidying up.

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