i am developing a Zope product (2.7) with a "homepage" content type and
want this object to display as the index of a folder.
for other custom objects, i have display methods that call an index view
( using DTMLFile) of the object like this:

#homepage view
index_html = DTMLFile('dtml/indexHomepage', globals())

i want this object to display as the index of the folder without:


however, when i render the object, i get:

<Homepage at index_html>

remove display:

http://localhost:8080/www/index_html/index_html has an empty or missing docstring. Objects must have a docstring to be published.

how can i ensure that an "homepage" object with an id of index_html will display as the index of a folder (without calling folder/index_html/index_html)?
i hope i explained this coherently...

any insight would be greatly appreciated-


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