I have a web page, a form on it, and on form submit action (to the same page) I 
do some database actions (update some record, to be correct). The exact code 
looks like this (filename edit_html):


(1) <dtml-if form>
(2)   <dtml-call "RESPONSE.redirect('index_html')">

      <p style="color:green"><b>Saved.</b></p>

(3)  <dtml-in "db_fulluseredit(zd=_['zd'], orig_login=_['uid'], 
login=_['login'], vardas=_['vardas'], pavarde=_['pavarde'], 
    nickas=_['nickas'], email=_['email'], address=_['address'], 
phone=_['phone'], pastabos=_['pastabos'], 
    date_gime=_['date_gime'], date_valid=_['date_valid'], planas=_['planas'], 


On #1 line I check if form variable is defined (it's defined in form, so if the 
form is opened for the first time, the form is naturally null, and if the form 
is submitted - it's defined to 1 [<input type=hidden name=form value=1>] ). #2 
line let's skip for a moment. On #3 line I do database actions with result 
checking. (On a wider scope - the form is for user properties management - 
name, surname, address, login, phone, notes & etc.).

The problem is on line #2. According to what's written, zope should drop 
everything and do immediate redirect to page index_html (ok, it's not where the 
first error appeared, I just managed to generate this error as the most 
clearest and best visible one), but instead zope calmly executes database 
actions and does other stuff till the end of the document.

Iâd be very thankful for any ideas... it's sad not to control own code :/

If you want, I can send you the whole code as well as to provide access to the 
live system.

Zope version: 2.6.4-1.8. Debian, postgresql 7.4 (latest 7th, I don't remember 
exact version now).


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