Hi all.  We're planning some Zope activities at the EuroPython
conference next month in Sweden:


In short, we have:

  o The Zope track, with over twenty presentations covering CPS,
  Silva, Plone, Zope 3, and other Zope topics.

  o A keynote by Tres Seaver, creator of the CMF.

  o A closing panel on CMS like last year.

  o A dedicated Zope Lightning Talks session.

  o A Z3 ECM sprint just beforehand with hands-on workshops
  for specific topics.

This year has more Zope packed into it than any previous EuroPython
conference.  Particularly with the recent activities in Z3 ECM,
there's lots of don't-miss stuff this year.  Please register soon and
get involved!

More details for each of the items on the agenda.

Zope Track

The Zope Track this year has a spotlight on each of the CMS projects
for Zope.  Particular focus is given to the work being done with Zope
3.  The talk listing is now up-to-date with the accepted talks:


Zope Keynote

In keeping with the emphasis on content management for Zope, the
keynote this year will be given by Tres Seaver.  Tres is the creator
of the CMF, upon which CPS and Plone are based.  He will be talking
about the impact of Zope 3 and the ongoing work to make a shared CMS
layer in the Z3 ECM project:


Z3 ECM Panel

This part is a bit of vapor-talk, as the panelists don't even know
about this yet. <wink> Last year the track ended with a panel
discussion in which the leaders of major CMS products for Zope
discussed the impact of Zope 3.  In particular, could the projects
collaborate in a way similar to the CMF?  The audience participated
quite a bit and Jim Fulton led a very useful discussion.

This panel then led to the Z3 Castle Sprint in 2004 and the Paris
Sprint several months ago.  We now have a project setup for the Z3 ECM


This year's panel will be a place for the Z3 ECM team to inform the
audience about the shape of the project and solicit feedback about
goals and objectives.  Tres will be the moderator this year.

Zope Lightening Talks

Following the Faassen Format for lightening talks, this session is
meant to be fast, fun, and slightly raucous.  Lightening talks allow
topics to spring up during the conference and get ten minutes of fame.

Z3 ECM Sprint

There are several sprints getting organized at EuroPython.  The Z3 ECM
team is planning a pretty serious effort to kickstart its activities.
The Z3 ECM sprint starts at noon on Thursday, June 23 and goes through
Sunday, June 26.  Tres Seaver will be the overall sprint leader.
Topics include:

  o Florent Guillaume ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) is leading a session for a
  Zemantic-based repository, with relations covering versioning,
  multilingual content, and more.

  o Julien Anguenot ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) will lead a team working on the the
  ECM workflow architecture and continue the existing prototype.
  Discussion about the WfMC standard and the 3 architecture layers
  (xpdcore/wfmc/ecmworkflow) plus the existing work on the Zope 3
  trunk is planned.

  o Paul Everitt ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) will lead a hands-on workshop
  for "Model-Driven Ajax".  This will be a start-to-finish walkthrough
  of creating dynamic browser applications using XML, JS, and XSLT.
  Focus will be on a productive workflow for UI development.  This
  workshop starts on Saturday.

If you are interested in one of these topics, please contact the the
people individually.  If you are interested in leading a session,
email Paul.


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