Garito wrote at 2005-5-22 16:54 +0200:
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>Dieter Maurer wrote
>>I am a big Zope user who also files occational bug reports and
>>  *  I am a pragmatist. When I know there is a problem and
>>     I know how to avoid it, I just avoid it.

>If I know where the problem is I report it to fix the bug

I told you above that I do, too, provided that

  *  I have the problem (I do not have a "KeywordIndex" problem
     because I have "Managable KeywordIndex")

  *  I see some chance that the problem gets addressed.

But, if the problem is pressing, then my pragmatist part
says: avoid or fix in our version.

>>     I believe "ManagableIndex" it is more flexible, more efficient
>>     and has less bugs than the stock Zope indexes.
>Why 2 ways?:

Because of different decision makers...

>    1.- Official one doesn't work
>    2.- Unofficial one who needs some duplicated dependency (OFolder 
>seem very similar to Ordered folder don't you thing?)

Indeed: "ManagableIndex" required order support -- before there
was such support in the Zope core. Thus, I took one which provided
this functionality: "OFolder".

Now Zope has built in order support and
"ManagableIndex" could (in principle) use this.
But why should I invest work into this change?
What it would help *me*?

It might save about 5 minutes of installation time
for "ManagableIndex". But, truely, it that worth any effort?

If you answer yes, send me a check about 100 EUR and I will
change "ManagableIndex" to use "Ordered Folder".

> ...
>Perhaps but *your product doesn't work properly* any diference if you 
>was a brake system producer (here I'm talking with the keyword index 
>original developer)

The "and" operator is a rare use case for "KeywordIndex".
That's the reason why this problem occurs comparatively rarely
(a few times in some years). And that's probably an essential cause
why this bug still exists.

> ...
>Anyway (I see I can't do anything to change your way of life)

At least you should carefully read my responses to your questions:

  As I wrote earlier, I can not change the official Zope code!

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