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Garito wrote at 2005-5-20 12:41 +0200:

I have a ZCatalog object with a keywordindex called keywords

I would like to search some objects with keywords ['k1', 'k2', k3',
'k4'] for that I use:

return context.catalog({'keywords': {'query': ['k1', 'k2', k3',
'k4'], 'operator': 'and'}})

but these query returns objects with keyword = ['k2', 'k3'] (for me
incorrect, I would like to find objects with *all* keywords

How can I make these kind of querys?
A long standing bug in "KeywordIndex"...

Maybe, you give my "Managable KeywordIndex" a try
(part of "ManagableIndex").

I cannot promiss you that
"ManagableIndex" is free of bugs but I definitely can
promiss you that a bug resulting in wrong search results
is fixed much much more quickly than in the Zope core :-)


Hi Dieter!
I can't understand the lack of concern you talk about unresolved bugs in
It seems Zope is not a serious tool. Imagine you want to buy a car but
the seller says: in these model there are a bug on the brake system but
I you put these extra no problem

How can I convince my customers to use Zope with these kind of
searchable information?

The bug you encountered is sufficiently an "edge case" that it has not
gotten any attention from the people who could fix it.  Agitating for it
on the list is likely to be less productive than contributing:

 - Write one or more unit tests which demonstrates the failure (e.g.,
   they fail  with the current implementation).

 - Implement the fix, such that the new tests pass without causing any
   others to fail.

 - Submit the patch, including both the test and the patched
   implementation, as an attachment to the collector issue Andreas
   pointed to:

Such bug reports get quicker attention, because:

 - they demand less effort from the person with commit access to
   understand the problem (even without the fix, writing the test case
   would be valuable here).

 - they show that the bug matters enough to somebody to have invested
   the effort.

I have checked in a number of patches from Dieter in this way, which
means that Dieter is contributing to the "core" Zope code, even without
checkin access (which Dieter doesn't want to obtain).

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All you say (Andreas, Dieter, Tres and Lennart) is very reasonable, in my opinion with all your choices, I prefer try to solve the bug

I don't know if my python/zope skill is enought but if I don't try it I never know my real skill


Mis Cosas

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