> I modify utils.py, after saving a copy, in order to
> obtain diagnostic output.  Then I delete utils.pyc,
> after saving a copy, in order to force a recompile
> (even used compilezpy.py for this a couple of times).
> Zope never seems to use the new version.

Restart Zope. Python will pick up the changes. Also, if you're
modifying security code, make sure you set
security-policy-implementation to Python in zope.conf, otherwise
you're using the C one, and no matter what changes you make to the
Python scripts you won't see any changes.

> I suspect that I have a fundamental misunderstanding
> of how Zope uses code in the Products directory.
> Is Zope storing all the compiled byte code in the
> data.fs file?  Is there a way to force Zope to use new
> code?

No. Refresh the product or restart Zope.

> Also, the previous developer removed the Control Panel
> putting Plone as the root of everything.  How can I
> get information that the Control Panel usually
> provides?

Find a heavy object, find the developer, bring the two together at
speed. Repeat until the problem is fixed.

yoursite/manage will get you to the control panel. If he's managed to
override /manage then you have problems...

And the real problem:

> TypeError: can only concatenate tuple (not "list") to
> tuple

Like it says, you're supplying a list, you want a tuple. It looks like
you need to update PluginIndexes, I don't know where they come from.

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